From Parliament sitting halls to classrooms. Lessons of Constitution

logo Lezioni di Costituzione"Dalle aule parlamentari alle aule di scuola. Lezioni di Costituzione" ('From Parliament sitting halls to classrooms. Lessons of Constitution'): This initiative is intended to spread the values and principles of our constitutional Charter. Teenagers in their last high-school year selected by local ministerial commissions choose an article of the Constitution and work on it not only gathering information but acting practically in the areas where they live (e.g. meetings with local associations, authorities and institutions, road interviews, creation and broadcasting of TV spots or other creative products).

Before starting, the responsible teachers are invited to the Senate and Chamber of Deputies for a training day, during which explanations are given on what is expected from the pupils and how to use the website created for them to have working material, documentation and a forum where all subjects involved can interact posing questions, asking for help, working together (two or more schools, for example, may even decide to work on the same project). They also have a meeting with a Constitutional Law Professor and one with a Senator expert in the constitutional sector. Finally, multimedia works are presented for selection. Out of 60, one is chosen for each of the sections: "Creative cultural interpretation", "Extent and quality of documentation", "Effectiveness in communication", "Involvement of the local community". All participating groups are invited to a ceremony before both Presiding Officers in the Main Chamber of, alternatively, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. In the afternoon prior to the event, the 240 participants are divided into 2 groups - one hosted in the Senate and the other in the Chamber of Deputies - to have a meeting with MP's on constitutional matters and history. All records are then printed in a publication with a DVD (works, records, photographs, videos).